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Sometimes having crooked teeth can have an effect on one’s self-esteem. We may think twice about smiling in social situations or in pictures to avoid having them seen. Some adults think they are too old to wear braces, as when we think of braces we often think about teenagers. This is not the case at all. If you want straighter teeth, don’t let the prospect of wearing metal braces put you off.

With alternatives such as Invisalign Braces, you can have a straighter-looking smile without the need of traditional metal braces with a treatment that is tailored to you.


Invisalign Braces are an innovative way to get straighter teeth. The treatment consists of a series of thermoplastic aligners that are near invisible on the teeth that gradually straightens them out with slight pressure. The aligners are made using 3D computer imaging to make sure it fits you, as there is no one-size- fits-all. They can be taken off and on as well.

Invisalign Braces are an effective, uncomplicated method of achieving that smile you dreamed of!


Invisalign is ideal for many types of crowding and crookedness, gaps between teeth, cross bites, and even suitable for overbites. Your dental office will be able to tell you if you are a good candidate for Invisalign Braces, but they are suitable in most cases.

They are intended for adults, but there are also options for teenagers. If you experience issues with crookedness or overbites and hate the idea of traditional braces, then Invisalign may be for you.


The Invisalign treatment works the same way traditional braces do, by applying gentle pressure to eventually align the teeth, but instead of cemented metal brackets, Invisalign treatment is done with a series of clear aligners that will gradually straighten teeth. Each aligner is made specifically for you and your teeth and is used for approximately two weeks at a time until your teeth are straight. The process starts when you visit your Orthodontist, who can determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign Braces treatment.

A 3D model of your teeth is made by a digital impression of your teeth. That information is sent to Dental Technicians who come up with a plan based on your Dentist's recommendations. This plan has to be approved by your Dentist before the aligners are constructed. These aligners are then sent back to your dental office where you will be shown how to use them. You will use each aligner for approximately two weeks before moving onto the next aligner. During this time, your teeth are gradually shifting into position. You need to switch after two weeks so your teeth can continue this process.

You will have follow-up appointments with your Dentist approximately every two months to ensure the treatment is working for you. The total amount of time it takes to complete the aligning process depends on the severity of the case. It can take anywhere between 12 and 48 thermoplastic aligners, but 18-30 is the average, taking about 9-15 months to get to the desired goal determined by your dentist.


There are many benefits to choosing Invisalign Braces over metal braces. They’re comfortable and easy to wear, whereas metal braces can be irritating. They can be taken out at any time as well so you can eat, drink, brush, and floss as normal.

Of course, the obvious benefit to choosing Invisalign is that it is virtually invisible. Metal braces are very noticeable, and that may make people feel uncomfortable in social situations, especially adults. Invisalign is very discreet but as mentioned before they also removable if you rather have them out at any point.

Invisalign Braces are just as effective as metal braces, so choose it for a more comfortable teeth aligning experiencing that is virtually invisible.


Finding the right dentist to provide your Invisalign treatment is extremely important. Not all dentists are able to provide an Invisalign Braces treatment. They will need to be trained and certified first and foremost.

There is special equipment involved that provides the data needed to make your Invisalign Braces, so it is important that the specialist is comfortable using this.

Find a Dentist or Orthodontist who is already very experienced in Invisalign treatment. The right doctor for you will have your best interests in mind. That is exactly how we work at 286 Madison Dental.


286 Madison Dental are a leading provider of Invisalign Braces in the midtown New York City area, convenient to Murray Hill. Our Dentists in Manhattan are specialized in providing a suitable Invisalign treatment tailored to your needs, having been trained and certified to deliver a quality product and service that sees your teeth looking straighter without the need for metal braces. To achieve this, we use state of the art equipment that maps a 3D image of your teeth to create aligners that are accurately suited to your teeth. We are available to answer any questions or concerns you have during the entire process but will meet with you regularly (about every two months) the ensure the treatment is going as it should.

We value all of our patients and make sure they are comfortable every step of the way. 

Take the first stages of an Invisalign consultation with 286 Madison Dental. Give us a call with any questions and arrange an appointment with our specialists.