Our New York Periodontist and Dentist office at 286 Madison Dental combines the expertise of Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Shmuely. By bringing together the best dentists in New York City, along with a new state-of-the-art facility, our goal is to offer patients the highest quality dental treatment, and address all of your dental needs under one roof in a modern and sophisticated setting.

The importance of remaining current with the newest research and technological developments in medicine cannot be overstated.

At 286 Madison Dental, this is not merely a matter of maintaining a competitive edge but one of ensuring that our staff and facility are equipped to deliver the superior care our patients expect and deserve.

From the latest diagnostic digital x-ray equipment to dental chairs that are designed with your comfort and wellbeing in mind, no detail has been overlooked.

In this ever-advancing digital age, our approach is as dynamic as the environment in which we work, and we are committed to keeping our training and facility at the forefront of modern dentistry.


Dr. Eliaz Kaufman


Dr. Aviram Shmuely


Dr. Lauren Kerpel


Dr. Alexander Kimon


If I’m seeing a particular dentist (Dr. Shmuely) for over 20 years, he must be doing something right. He has also always been a caring and sensitive person who actually came into his office once on a Sunday because one of my caps came off which would have been visible had I even smiled, and he did not want me to wait until Monday. Highly recommended.

Marlene N. October 2014

I was traveling in NYC and cracked a tooth. Very stressful in light of the business I needed to complete. The staff at 286 Madison Dental were over-the-top accommodating. Best dental experience I have ever had and I am a physician.

Chester B. December 2014

Best dental exam I have ever had! Dr. Wexler’s bedside manner, professionalism, knowledge, and kindness were exceptional. It was the first time I ever felt like a dentist really was listening to what I had to say. Office staff was caring, attentive, and professional. Truly outstanding dental service.

Fred S.August 2014

I went in for a deep root cleaning. Dr. Kaufman explained the entire process in such detail that really put me ease. 🙂 I highly recommend being a patient at 286 Madison Dental…they are fabulous!

Milind S. January 2015