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If your dentist tells you that you need a bone graft, your first thought might be a complex and painful procedure. At 286 Madison Dental in Midtown, Manhattan, the team performs bone grafts primarily with injectable donor bone cells or synthetic material to make the procedure simple and tolerable. Reserve your consultation appointment by calling the New York City office or booking online today.

Bone Grafts Q & A

What are bone grafts?

Bone grafts are a way to replace missing bone or strengthen frail or thin bone in your jaw. The grafting material that the team at 286 Madison Dental most frequently uses is either from donor tissue or synthetic material that mimics your natural bone. 

This means that it is unlikely you’ll need two procedures for your bone graft since they don’t typically harvest it from your bones. 

Your dentist places the bone graft in your jaw where it is most needed. You may have to wait several months before starting any necessary dental work while the graft fuses with your natural bone and becomes solid.

How does bone grafting work?

The bone grafting procedure might not be what you expect when thinking of bones and moving them. To understand how bone grafting works, you must first understand the process going on inside each of your bones. 

While you see a hard, rigid bone on the outside, the inside of your bones consist of cells that are constantly reforming the hard bone by producing new bone cells. 

For a bone graft, your dentist extracts these regenerative cells from, for example, the donor bone. Synthetic materials used in the procedure are also not entirely solid. Either way, your bone graft comes in the form of a powder or gel rather than a solid chunk of bone. 

During the procedure, you receive local anesthesia to numb your mouth before your dentist makes an incision along your gums. 

Your dentist places the grafting material into a syringe and injects it into the weak bone. The material acts as a scaffold, rather than bone itself, onto which new bone cells grow.

When might I need a bone graft?

There are several reasons why you and your dentist at 286 Madison Dental might come to the conclusion that you need a bone graft. A few common purposes for bone grafting include:

  • Strengthening your jawbone to hold implants
  • Holding a tooth in place after bone loss due to gum disease
  • Elevating your sinuses
  • Filling craters in your jawbone to make your face look more full

Your dentist might recommend a bone graft right after a tooth extraction to keep your jawbone strong and ready for possible future implants. 

Book your appointment by phone or online at 286 Madison Dental to find out if you need a bone graft today.