How safe is it to go to the dentist during the COVID-19 epidemic?

Many of the CDC recommendations like surface cleaning and protective gear (PPE) worn by our hygienists and dentists were always part of our practice pre-COVID-19.

But, other infection control devices and practices were added in order to ensure everyone's safety.

-Pre Screening

-Limited seating in the waiting room

-HEPA and ultraviolet  suction units to remove aerosols

-Airing the treatment rooms for one and a half hours  between patients

-Staff is wearing special PPE including isolation surgical gowns and face shields as well as state of the art N95 face masks.

As stated above we are making our patients very comfortable in our office during these challenging times.

You can also see our video on our home page which shows an actual procedure by me.

As always our staff will answer any questions or concerns that you might have regarding COVID-19 special precautions.





Dr. Aviram Shmuely

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