Emerging Trents Are On The Rise In Dentistry

Several aspects of dentistry have been improved through technologies, from scheduling appointments to the most complex surgery.

Dentistry today is totally different than the one we practice 6 years ago. With that said, here are some examples :

*3D printing:  Can be used to make fillings, crowns, and Onlays as we as templets for implants.

*Laser Technologies: Actively used in pediatric dentistry for caries, inflammatory disease, surgical procedures, and more. It allows for precise, non-invasive treatment. Can be used for bleaching as well.

*Invisible orthodontics: In addition to presenting faster results in most cases, it is transparent, goes unnoticed, and is more accurate.

*A new generation of veneers: Ultra-thin, transparent great shape, and perfect shape.


It is important to remember that the goal of every treatment is to provide greater comfort to the patient, in addition to having the expected results.




Dr. Aviram Shmuely

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