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Short teeth are a common cosmetic complaint that can also pose a challenge when you need a dental crown. At 286 Madison Dental in Midtown, Manhattan, the dental team offers crown lengthening procedures to make way for a crown or lengthen your teeth to enhance your smile. To learn more about crown lengthening, call the New York City office or book your appointment online today.

Crown Lengthening Q & A

What is crown lengthening?

Crown lengthening is an easy one-hour procedure available at 286 Madison Dental during which your dentist makes your teeth appear longer by bringing your gum line upward. 

During the procedure, your dentist makes incisions in your gums in order to easily pull them away from your teeth. In rare cases, your dentist may remove gum tissue entirely. 

Your dentist will likely need to remove some bone from the now-exposed roots of your teeth. While your gums are still detached, your dentist washes your teeth and their roots with a saltwater rinse before suturing the incisions back together to reattach your gums. They might put a bandage over your teeth to assist with your healing and protect you as you heal. 

Why do I need crown lengthening?

The primary purpose of crown lengthening is to make sure there’s enough exposed tooth for a dental crown or bridge to fit over. If your tooth is too short for a crown, decayed or broken below the gum line, a crown won’t stay on firmly.

Making way for crowns isn’t the only purpose for crown lengthening. You can get crown lengthening at 286 Madison Dental as a cosmetic procedure if you feel that your teeth look too short or if you show a lot of gum when you smile. 

Is crown lengthening painful?

Crown lengthening would be a highly uncomfortable procedure if not for local anesthesia. Your 286 Madison Dental dentist makes sure that you’re completely comfortable and unable to feel the work as it happens before they make the first incision. You may also be given a sedative if you’re particularly anxious about the procedure.

Once the anesthesia wears off, you start to feel some discomfort. Your dentist prescribes you a pain medication to help get you through the healing period. You also receive a mouth rinse to promote healing in your gums and prevent infections.

How should I prepare for a crown lengthening procedure?

Before a crown lengthening procedure, you sit down with your dentist for a detailed consultation. Once they decide that it’s safe to proceed with the procedure, your dentist gives you preparation instructions to follow leading up to your appointment. 

Your dentist may require you to:

  • Wear temporary crowns until your appointment
  • Get an X-ray
  • Get a professional cleaning
  • Ask questions that arise about the procedure

Your dentist also gives you specific instructions for the recovery period. You need to restrict your diet to soft foods for several days and use an ice pack to calm the swelling. 

To learn more about crown lengthening, call 286 Madison Dental or book a consultation online today.