CT Scans

Truly one of the most important imaging and diagnostic breakthroughs in modern dentistry, our Digital CT Scan provides 3D images of the jaw structures and teeth, with extraordinary accuracy and detail. It has become the gold standard for patient care in implant dentistry and oral surgery.

The 3D images enable us to plan our surgery so we are able to avoid causing damage to nerves and to other vital structures, including blood vessels and the sinuses.
No longer do any of our patients have to go to a radiology center for CT scan of the jaw. We can do it right here in our office. It delivers 3D images for the most accurate measuring capabilities of x-ray to date. This enables us to precisely measure the height and width of bone prior to surgery.

Virtual surgery can be performed and evaluated before actual surgery takes place.

And since we have our own Digital CT Scan machine, we can, during a delicate surgical procedure, stop to take an additional scan, if warranted. This gives us the ability to maintain the safest possible conditions, even in the most difficult surgical situations.

286 Madison Dental is one of the few dental practices to provide CT scan in our office. Most practices have to send their patients to an outside imaging center.

This equipment defines “state of the art”. Our CT, operated by our expertly trained staff, offers maximum convenience, safety and precision. These 3D digital images of the jaws and the surrounding structures may, in some instances, allow us to detect potential pathologic lesions of the head and neck.