What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Variable techniques can be used, from simple to complicated, but the results are great. Here are some techniques that we use in our practice:

Teeth whitening/bleaching: Through the use of bleaching agents we can whiten the color of your teeth by few shades. These are safe yet effective agents that are harmless to the tooth enamel. 

Bonding: The use of white filling material(Composite) to correct a chip, malformed tooth, or covering a stained tooth.

Venners: A thin porcelain shell placed over the tooth structure. It is commonly used where simple bonding will not be sufficient. Yet, it can be used, it will preserve the natural tooth structure more than a crown. Some called the veneers "Lumineers", yet they are practically the same.

Dental Implants: In a case of missing teeth, they can be used as a permanent yet esthetic prosthesis. 

Orthodontics: Invisalign brand has been my choice as the industry leader for the past 25 years. The results are practically amazing (see the previous blog).

Our team is well trained and experienced in these delicate and complicated dental restorations. Cosmetic dentistry has become one of our most sought after procedures.

Dr. Aviram Shmuely

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