The New Prime Scan Technoloy Has Arrived

We have used CAD/CAM 3D technology for nearly a decade in our practice. Now, we are among the first practices in NYC to implement the new Prime Scan and Prime Mill by Cerec/Sirona. This technology allows us to restore teeth with crowns and onlays in one sitting. Not only that it saves our patients time, but it is also more accurate and lasts nearly twice as long as the old lab-made crowns.

Broken teeth, which were a big challenge for dentists are no longer a problem. The esthetics and the fit of these porcelain restorations are second to none and are well controlled.

Our restorative team is well trained in this field. We are restoring teeth using this technology daily. 

When visiting our office or making an appointment feel free to ask for a demonstration. We will be happy to provide you with one. 


Dr. Aviram Shmuely

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