Robotics And Dentistry-A Perfect Match For 2021

Robotics rapidly become popular in assisting healthcare professionals performing delicate procedures.

While we all realize that human intervention is still needed to perform procedures, we will experience enhanced and even improved procedure results with the help of robotic technologies.

Today, we are seeing more advanced artificial intelligence(AI)techniques being used. Similarly, revolutionary technology is now being introduced into the dental field that can assist practitioners with a variety of procedures. The use of robotics in dentistry provides advantages over the freehand technique for placing instrumentation.

Robotics assisted dentistry has evolved from traditional navigational surgery to more complex systems that will prove to be essential in the maintenance of oral health.

It is clear, that other areas of dentistry that will benefit from robotics and AI applications include endodontics, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and periodontics.

Our team at 286 Madison Dental, is continually training in these latest technologies and are looking forward to incorporating them in our office as soon as they become readily available. 

As always, we will be in touch and keep update our patients on these new and exciting developments in dentistry as they become available.


Dr. Aviram Shmuely

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